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6 pm Fri., February 21st at the

Cambria Hotel Philadelphia-Downtown Center City

“Insights on Innovation,” a look at the innovation process and the history of advances that changed the world, with Lawrence Husick, lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting Graduate School of Engineering, chemist, patent attorney, hacker and entrepreneur.

The talk will include an overview of world-changing innovations from the stone age through the emergence of Silicon Valley. You can prepare for it by asking yourself: What were humanity's ten most important inventions?

Advance ticket: $12. Door: $15, save $2 with a student ID.

“Innovation” is a hot commodity, with seemingly every company, elected official, employee, and organization out there either striving to be innovative or proclaiming their worthiness of the label. The problem is that few can answer basic questions about innovation such as: What, exactly, is it? How to you recognize it? How do you do it? Why is it worth doing?

Although we apply the term “innovation” to some new thing that someone has developed—the latest “better mousetrap”—innovation is much more than gizmos.

It's also a process, a way to bring about change by introducing valuable new methods, ideas, or products. It’s coming up with different ways of thinking and doing. Innovations may be beliefs, organizational methods, and discoveries. It’s the creation of value. And despite the stereotype of the innovator as a tireless tinkerer, the impulse that spawns actually innovation is laziness, because it arises from our desire to extract more value from our time and from things around us. It's how we've managed to get away from long days of hunting and gathering and generate economic surpluses. It's often been a way to spend more time in bed or on the couch.

Come learn about innovation—and the surprising lives of some of our lazy inventive heroes—from Lawrence Husick, whose job titles also include Co-Director of the Program on Teaching Innovation at the Foreign Policy Research Institute's Wachman Center. He'll tackle the tough-but-fun innovation question: What are the most important innovations in history, ranked in order? You'll be welcome to chime in with your own ideas, as independent thinking is a big part of what this talk is about. You might not leave able to build a better mousetrap, but your odds of doing so might improve, and you'll gain appreciation of those who did. hia residents are sure to love it as well. 

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