Profs and Pints has a fantastic lineup of events planned for the Bier

Baron Tavern near Dupont Circle, La Pop cultural salon in Adams

Morgan, Church Hall in Georgetown, and the Social Circle Bistro at the Cambria Hotel - Washington D.C. Convention Center.  


On tap are talks on:


 | The History of American Boozing | South America in Turmoil |

The Ways of Narcissists |  Hunting Lost Nazi Uranium

Ancient Chinese Philosophy | The Potomac River's Dolphins |

Monkeys, Apes, Humans, and Aggression 

| Centuries of Swindles | The Politics of Iran |

Frightful Fairy-Tale Weddings |  Bizarre Fairy-Tale Romances

| Evolutionary Medicine |  The Philosophy of Love |

What George Washington Owed to Women 

| The Historical Roots of Britain's Brexit | Unrest in Hong Kong 

 | The Disputed Meaning of Monuments |

| A Black History of the American Revolution |  


Check out media coverage of Profs and Pints and see what all the buzz is about! Click the links here to see stories by the Washington Post, Washingtonian magazine, Philadelphia's WHYY radio, KERA public radio in Dallas, the Northwest Courier, and the student newspapers at Catholic University, DePaul University, and George Washington University

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Scheduled Talks: Full Descriptions

Profs and Pints talks represent a great way to introduce young people to various academic fields. Please note, however, that all talks are delivered on an adult level and may feature mature content. Unless otherwise stated in event descriptions, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

A note from Profs and Pints CEO Peter Schmidt about diversity among presenters:

In my recruitment of speakers I am committed to diversity in all of its forms, including gender, race, and ideological orientation. I encourage any college faculty member interested in being featured by Profs and Pints to click this link for important background on the lectures and workshops that Profs and Pints offers and to email for additional information on how to apply.

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