Profs and Pints has expanded online to further democratize access to higher learning and provide people access to  hiqh-quality scholarly talks while social distancing. See listings of upcoming talks below. 

7 pm Friday, March 27th, with recorded version available online through April 2nd

“Summoning Fairies,” an exploration of the literature and folklore of the elusive fairy and her kin, with Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman, former instructors at The Ohio State University and co-founders of the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic.

From “The Cottingley Fairies,” a series of photographs taken by

two girls in Cottingley, England, in 1917. Here one of the two,

Elsie Wright, photographed her cousin, Frances Griffiths,

being visited by their “friends.”

Tickets: $12. 

To help all of us get through this period of social distancing, Profs and Pints is teaming up with the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic to stage a talk that's a treat for the imagination. Stay tuned for other Profs and Pints online talks!

In this talk, you'll learn how the fairies of legend are not the fairies we tend to think of today. They are not light-hearted, harmless, silly, or tiny. Before the Victorian era shrank them and Disney decked them in sparkling pastels, they inspired fear and respect, wonder and awe.

Folklore presents the fae as amoral, trickster creatures that exist in the liminal states between worlds. They are indifferent, powerful, and not to be trifled with. They are of the natural world and therefore largely unconcerned with mortal ways--until they are not. These otherworldly creatures have captured imaginations in both oral tales and written literature for hundreds of years.

Come learn about the study of “fairylore,” a rich tradition that is, despite the perceived diminishing of fairy belief in our modern age, still relevant today. We'll explore the figure of the fairy across media, examining why such creatures continue to enchant us, what purposes their tales serve in society, and what they can tell us about ourselves. You'll learn about the Cottingley Fairies that made headlines in 1917, about contemporary scholarship on fairies in Newfoundland, and about the recently revived Fairy Investigation Society, a group dedicated to collecting new stories about fairy encounters.

So “come away, o human child,” and join us in the land of Faerie for an evening of magic, danger, and mischief. It will be a flight of fancy.

Profs and Pints talks are a great way to introduce young people to various academic fields. Please note, however, that all talks are delivered on an adult level and may feature mature content. 

A note from Profs and Pints CEO Peter Schmidt about diversity among presenters:


In my recruitment of speakers I am committed to diversity in all of its forms, including gender, race, and ideological orientation. I encourage any college faculty member interested in being featured by Profs and Pints to click this link for important background on the lectures and workshops that Profs and Pints offers and to email for additional information on how to apply.

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