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Become a Profs and Pints Presenter

Profs and Pints  is  recruiting presenters for venues in the Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas. If you are a current or former college instructor and a skilled public speaker, Profs and Pints  can offer you great opportunities to reach new audiences and get paid well for your efforts.


Even if we can't book you in a venue right away, we'll keep you in mind as we plan ahead and expand.

For more information on how to become a Profs and Pints  presenter, please email


Potential Profs and Pints  presenters are asked to propose lectures or workshops likely to appeal to the general public. Profs and Pints is open to any promising lecture or workshop idea, and especially welcomes those tied to current events, emerging trends, upcoming holidays and seasons, and upcoming anniversaries of historic events.


Below are some of the subjects that Profs and Pints  is seeking presenters to tackle.



Possible Lecture Subjects

Archeology of the region

Architecture in the city

Art exhibits or installations at local museums

Art and artists of the region

Business trends and opportunities

Economic trends in the region


    Environmental issues in the news.

    The ecosystems of local parks, bodies of water, or backyards.

    The region's birds, insects, mammals, trees, wildflowers, fungi,

    reptiles, amphibians, or edible and medicinal plants

    The region's geology and prehistory

Ethnic Studies


    Films based in the region

    Films, directors, and actors with large followings


    Historical figures and events receiving considerable attention

    The region's historically important figures, events, and sites


    Pending Supreme Court cases

    New laws with big impacts

    Understanding cannabis laws and regulation


    Acclaimed writers   

    Current bestsellers

    Famous writers of the region


    New advances

    Caring for children or aging family members

    Current medical debates

    The latest research on healthy living   

Performing arts

    Upcoming dance or theater performances  

    Music and musicians associated with the region

    Music trends

    Prominent local actors, dancers, or choreographers


    Discussions of philosophy's big questions

    Important thinkers rendered accessible

Political Science  


    The Presidency and Current  Administration

    Political activism

    Political extremism

    Recent political developments

    Political trends

    Recent or upcoming elections  

Popular culture, including television shows with large followings


    New research and advances

    Prominent figures and schools

    Child development    


     Introductions to religions

     Introductions to religious customs and practices

     How religions approach life's big questions

​Science and Technology

    Science in the news

    Scientific concepts made accessible

    Developments transforming society


    Sociological research on the region or

       its chief social problems

    Sociological issues in the news

Women's and Gender Studies

Workshop Subjects

Arts and crafts

Business planning and management

Career planning

Education planning

Family concerns

Financial planning


Healthy living




Psychological self-care


Religious practices

Retirement planning


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