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Profs and Pints has expanded online to further democratize access to higher learning and provide people access to hiqh-quality scholarly talks while social distancing. See listings of talks that you can watch from home on the Online Talks page. 

Profs and Pints is tentatively planning to resume its talks in venues in September 2021. The exact timing will depend on guidance from federal, state, and local public health officials and college administrations' abandonment of pandemic-related bans on faculty members' public speaking and travel. Check back here for details. Venues interested in hosting Profs and Pints events, and people interested in becoming Profs and Pints speakers or hosts, should email


Profs and Pints

on Meetup or on Facebook, where you can join the Facebook group for your metro area.

Profs and Pints had been staging talks at the
Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas but is now seeking one or more new locations in the city. Venues with a capacity of 100 that are interested in hosting Profs and Pints events are welcome to email

Support Profs and Pints through Patreon and get yourself or loved ones placed on guest lists for talks.

Profs and Pints talks represent a great way to introduce young people to various academic fields. Please note, however, that all talks are delivered on an adult level and may feature mature content. Unless otherwise stated in event descriptions, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

A note from Profs and Pints CEO Peter Schmidt about diversity among presenters:

In my recruitment of speakers I am committed to diversity in all of its forms, including gender, race, and ideological orientation. I encourage any college faculty member interested in being featured by Profs and Pints to click this link for important background on the lectures and workshops that Profs and Pints offers and to email for additional information on how to apply.

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